Take Back Your Power.

Grab the Essentials for Navigating Your Pre & Post-Divorce Life!

The FIIRM Approach is focused on re-framing the divorce experience. With the goal of reducing the stigma of your marriage ending and the fear of the unknown, we created the Divorce Support Pack.

There's nothing we can do to stop certain storms we'll experience in our lives. Unexpected storms are scary. With the Divorce Support Pack, though, you’ll be prepared and ready to hit them head-on.

Prepare Yourself for the Unexpected.

At the FIIRM Approach, we help working women prepare their finances for divorce. We also enable you to maintain financial peace of mind post-divorce. Let's avoid common financial mistakes and connect you to the right experts - financial, mental health, legal and more.

Sounds Good! Yes Please!

The Divorce Support Pack Contains:

Pre-Divorce Tools

'Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst and unsurprised by anything in between’
- Maya Angelou

Uncover THE WHO, THE HOW and THE WHAT to minimize costs, tension, and surprises.

The first section of the Divorce Support Pack gives you the practical tools to prepare for this journey.

Post-Divorce Resources

‘You don’t do life perfectly. No one does’
- Michelle Obama

We're cool with your past choices staying in the past. Whether you want to:

  • take more vacations
  • learn new ways to save money
  • Or are looking for ways to make more income - the Divorce Support Pack has what you need to get started.

There are so many opportunities to make sure the life you have in the future is one of your choosing.

The FIIRM Approach’s founder, Nikki Tucker, is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®), who prepared this complimentary gift for you based on her work with women who are preparing for or have survived a divorce.

“The services provided by Nikki are beyond exceptional. Her astounding depth of knowledge and forward thinking makes navigating some of the most difficult situations effortless. Her services helped to provide the peace of mind needed when restructuring and charting new paths in life.”
-Minya (Divorced, Mother of 4)

According to a CDC blog published in 2024, there were 673,989 divorces in the United States in 2022.

You are not alone.

Going through the divorce process can feel lonely & scary. Going through the preparation process can help bring you clarity & peace of mind.

It’s Exhausting Trying To Figure Out Everything on Your Own.

Let us help.

Building Your Support System

Allies are essential. Learn about the many types of allies you can connect with to help navigate the pre & post-divorce process.

Everyone’s situation is different, which is why we've gathered an array of options.

Fortify Better Communication

Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Other times, it’s the other way around.

Regardless of who you are communicating with, we’ve got scripts to help you. Our scripts not only get the point across but also protect your heart and boundaries.

Understand Financial Considerations

There is so much we can’t control when it comes to the whirlwind of divorce. The divorce support pack includes important questions to explore. Let's increase your

Ask the Right People

How do you find the best professionals for the job? Who should you consult before initiating a divorce?

Cut through the confusion and know your rights.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Nikki to assess my current financial situation and help me with some big decisions about my future. As a pre-retirement, divorced empty nester, finding an expert who would respect me, hear me, and just overall "get-me" was my top priority.

Not only did Nikki use her expertise & strategic financial skills to set me on a path I can easily follow, she connected with me in a powerful, non-judgmental manner. She patiently answered my questions, allowed me time to absorb her guidance, and then challenged me to see how her step-by-step approach would prove beneficial in both the short and long term.
-Kem (Divorced, Mother of 2)

Get Back on Your Feet After Divorce

Whether you want to prepare in advance or if you are experiencing life as a divorcee now. The Divorce Support Pack has a little something in here for everyone looking to level up.

Own Your Financial Power

In today’s world, there are over a million ways to protect and grow your income. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made decisions you question in the past, there is a way out, and up!

Make More Confident Decisions

We hear stories all the time of women who have painful divorce experiences. These situations can break our confidence and make us question our decision-making abilities.

We’ve created this pack with those stories in mind. Learn why there’s a new beginning to every end.

Do Less

Being able to empower yourself with knowledge is a crucial requirement to do things differently.

Remember, just because something has to get done doesn't mean YOU have to do it.

Use the easy-to-read, Divorce Support Pack designed to help the modern woman learn what this means.

Click the Link to Grab the Divorce Resource Pack. Change Your Future!

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